What are Ponzi Schemes?

What are Ponzi Schemes?

Ponzi Schemes, Wonder Banks, Pyramid Schemes, Investment scams and so on, refer to unregistered, fraudulent/illegal investment operations in which the operators, usually individuals or organizations offer incredibly high interest rates or returns to investors, always...

How can you use money savvy?

Understanding the value of saving money and investing can help a child become a good entrepreneur. A parent can start a conversation about saving culture thereby encouraging the child to start savings.

What is money savvy?

Money Savvy is a program that offers children essential age-appropriate financial lessons and corresponding activities as they grow. The lessons will help them to improve their financial capabilities and promote financial literacy.

How can you know the right stock broker?

Visit the NSE or SEC website for the current list of registered and licensed stockbrokers. • Reputation: this is very important; ask people whose opinions you respect for their views and recommendations. • A good customer service is important. Find out what additional...

Where Do Shares Come From?

Promoters pool their resources to set up a company, shares are allocated to them in accordance to their contribution (money and expertise). As a company grows it may need more capital. It could take loans but it may not want to be in debt and for which it has to pay...