• Extra-ordinary profit: They promise to give a very high return for money they collect.
  • First comer bait: As part of the ploy to convince their customers and achieve their goal, Ponzi Schemes ensure that they pay the stipulated amount to their relatively few initial customers which serve as testimonials to convince and secure the trust of others.
  • Strong promotional Drive: They make sure that potential investors hear about what their investors have benefited so that they can invest too. To achieve this, they could employ the services of agents who would assist them in introducing more people to the business. They could even go as far as having branches of their organizations in other states or areas of the same state.
  • Fictitious investments: At times, these wonder banks claim to be involved in the oil and gas business, foreign exchange trading, health or some other bogus activities to convince their customers to invest.
  • Non admission of risks: There is no admission of risks such that are fairly reasonable in a conventional investment.
  • Investors are issued statements showing how much they have earned so as to sustain the deception that the scheme is an investment with high returns.
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